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How to make newly created blog popular

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How to make newly created blog popular

How to make newly created blog popular, steps you can follow

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First of all I need to tell you that blog popularity can never be got overnight. You need to make it popular.

and for that I have some steps you can follow that will surely help you make your blog popular!

How to make newly created blog popular:

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Since the blog is newly created so it wouldn’t rank on Google. So first ever task is to make it rank high on Google.
  2. Ranking on Google is not enough. Now improve your Alexa Rank. How? Alexa rank improves only by fixing your posting time and increasing posting frequency.
  3. Publish at least three 500-words article per day on your blog.
  4. Blog popularity is concerned with huge traffic on your blog so for that promote your blog.
  5. Look out for trending topics that people are talking about and publish an article on it. Within a sec. your blog can go viral.
  6. Quora Answering is the best place to get a huge amount of traffic to your blogs.
  7. Blog Commenting: I have never been a fan of it but it really benefits your blog to some extent. Yes try it and your will see the results.
  8. Create Facebook account, its free! if you already has one just create a new Facebook page for your blog and begin to purplish your blog contents to the audience of your desire through your newly Facebook page.
  9. twitter is another great social media platform sharing blog contents and getting inflow traffic to your blog site. it will be good if you open twitter account for your personal blog.
  10. Instagram is also another good platform to get in touch with your contents lover, why not just open an account for blog and start sharing your content to the world.

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Final Tip: Publish only amazing quality content that really benefits your readers.

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