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IF CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU by Abdulfatahi Ishaq

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IF CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU by Abdulfatahi Ishaq

One of the greatest philosophers of all time Plato, once said: “This nation is what it is because our citizens are what they are.” Nigeria, over the years has built for itself an infamous reputation around the globe. Of the over 200 countries in the world, it is one of the few countries lucky enough to be dubbed “Fantastically Corrupt”. As a Nigerian, one will at one point or the other be attempted to ask oneself why this is so? The simplest, easiest and most accurate answer is: Nigeria is what it is because Nigerians are who they are.
Once in a village, the chief of this village was so saddening and worried by the paralysing rate of corruption thriving in his community, after much thought, he decided on something. He announced a banquet for all men in the village and instructed that each man should come with a bottle of wine which will be emptied into a big pot at the entrance of the venue for the banquet. A night before the banquet, there was this man who has just two bottles of wine left in his house, he thought all to himself: “What if I present a bottle of water? No one will notice a single bottle of water in a big pot of wine.” he concluded. On the D-day, every man came with his bottle of wine, emptied it into the pot. The banquet started, the wine from the pot was served, the chief led the toast and they all started drinking. They all suddenly stopped drinking and looked up from their goblets with surprise in their faces. Why? What they were drinking had no trace of wine whatsoever in it, it was pure undiluted water.

Nigeria is seen as a corrupt country because we its citizen all act like in this story, each individual sees corruption as no big deal so long he benefits from the proceeds. Each individual engage in one activity or the other that dent this country’s moral stand while expecting others to do the right thing. Each individual abuses trust with the notion: ” It is just a little and shouldn’t really matter”, and yet we all want a nation that is free and fair, a nation where everything goes right.

We can’t do the same thing the same way and get a different result says Albert Einstein. We can’t be living like we have been and expect a new Nigeria, a better Nigeria. No, our expectations won’t materialize.

For a better Nigeria, each and every Nigerian must retrace their ways aright, uphold; honesty, discipline, selflessness and patriotism, shun greed and selfishness and start making strives that will give the nation a good name, that will make the nation proud, that will reclaim for it her lost Glory.

Nigeria will be better, it can change back to a country one will be proud of if the struggle for such change begins with you.

God bless you, God bless Nigeria.

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