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Brief History of EFCC in Nigeria, What is EFCC in Nigeria


Brief History of EFCC in Nigeria, What is EFCC in Nigeria

Brief History of EFCC in Nigeria

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a Nigerian law enforcement agency. It investigates financial crimes. To learn more information read this article. You will find the history of EFCC and other useful information!

History of EFCC in Nigeria

EFCC agency
History of EFCC, Nigeria EFCC agency We present to you a brief history of EFCC. This organisation is a law enforcement commission which investigates money laundering and fee fraud. It was created in 2003. This agency has its head office in Abuja.
Nigeria is famous for a lot of different things. One of which is the high level criminality and fraudulent activities in the country. Poverty and crime are the two main things that remain high to this day.
Because of this, there is a contamination to the image of the country. The gravity of the situation led to the creation of the EFCC.


Since its inception, the commission has brought to court a lot of important high-ranking officials. Their cases were related to corruption. Among these people that were detained, were government officials as well as bank executives.

On September 14, 2010, the head of the judicial department of the EFCC, Abdullahi Muazu was killed in Kaduna. Before that, he took an active part in legal proceedings. EFCC in Nigeria The EFCC agency answers to the president of Nigeria.
He appoints the chairman himself. The commission has the support of the legislative body and also key security agencies.
In this article you have found the answer to the question: What is EFCC in Nigeria? This commission deals with financial irregularities. In our time, financial crime in Nigeria is at a very high level. Such agencies as EFCC help to fight it. Let’s hope that soon this problem will be solved!

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